Tarragon Dill Potato Salad #tarragon #dill #oil-free #gluten-free #plant-based

When it comes to checking off all of the boxes, Tarragon Dill Potato Salad is everything you want in a savory potato salad.  It’s lite but satisfying. And it’s remarkably rich but low fat, compared with most potato salads, because it’s refined oil-free!  That means practically no useless fats whatsoever.

When I think of summertime gatherings, I immediately think of potato salad.   If you’re attending or hosting even one cookout this summer, you’ve probably already started thinking about what to bring.  And if you’re the neighborhood health food guru, then you’re probably trying extra hard to find a healthy recipe that everyone will enjoy. Afterall, no one enjoys spending time making a dish that’s full when you carry it home. Wah, wah wah.

Here’s something we all know far too well; most cookouts aren’t exactly brimming with healthy options. In fact, barbecues are notoriously famous for a boatload of unhealthy selections. Bottom line, it can be tough to find an appropriate, picnic spirited, healthier-minded dish. Finding something that is simple to prepare that’s both nutritious and bound for popularity at the BBQ is no small task.

But have no fear. Lucky for you, I’ve been in those shoes… heck, I live in those shoes. So, no more worries about what to bring… I’ve got you covered! Behold, I bid unto thee, “Tarragon Dill Potato Salad.”

Tarragon Dill Potato Salad #healthy #sides #potatoes #salads #easy #recipes #vegetarian

Thanks to all the eggs and mayonnaise, potato salad is a cookout food that is exceptionally high in fat. In fact, that heavy helping of fat nearly negates all of the nutrients in the lovely potatoes. To be honest, the fat in many traditional salads override the nutritional benefits of the vegetables.

The cool thing about Tarragon Dill Potato Salad is that it is amazingly lite. So, if you want to add a bit more Raw Cashew Mayonnaise to it to make it creamier, go ahead! Even with that additional dollop of mayo, it still has way less fat than most potato salads hanging around the picnic table. And if you are extra cautious regarding fat content, this recipe can easily be lightened up without losing any flavor.

To make your Tarragon Dill Potato Salad lighter, use a little less mayo than suggested.  You can reduce the amount of mayo, but be sure to hang on to those lusciously flavorful herbs!

In addition to adding fabulous flavor, the tarragon and dill add some health benefits as well. Tarragon is such a vital part of French cuisine that it is one of the “Fines Herbes.”  It’s said to aid in digestion, help you rest well at night, reduce heart disease and relieve pain when leaves are chewed.   Dill weed contains anti-oxidant, disease preventing, and health-promoting properties. And it has vitamins such as niacin and pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), along with dietary fibers, which help control blood cholesterol levels.

So, since you are such a swell healthy person and will likely be going to many gatherings this summer, be sure to PIN this recipe and the Raw Oil-Free Cashew Mayonnaise to easily share this healthy dish with all of your friends and family.

And how do I know you’re a swell person you ask?  You’re reading the introduction to my Tarragon Dill Potato Salad, that’s how!

Bonus: You can expect your popularity to increase once you’ve shared Tarragon Dill Potato Salad.  And once the word gets out that you’re the “health food guru who knows how to bring delicious flavor,” your cookout calendar will fill quickly. In fact, the neighbors may even vote you in as the next Association President once you introduce them to their new healthy cookout favorites.

Happy eating!

Tarragon Dill Potato Salad #potato #salad #recipe #4th #July #wfpb #vegan

Tarragon Dill Potato Salad #sides #cookouts #bbq #tarragon #dill

Tarragon Dill Potato Salad

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    Cook Time:
  • Yield: 10 Servings

Tarragon Dill Potato Salad is everything a delicious potato salad should be. It’s lite but satisfying. It’s rich but goes easy on the fat since it refined oil-free when you make it using my recipe for Raw Cashew Mayonnaise. Tarragon Dill Potato Salad is delicious, and well, it just doesn’t get any better than creamy homemade potato salad seasoned with homemade mayo and herbs. One serving equals about one generously filled cup of Tarragon Dill Potato Salad.


  • about 3 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes or another variety, washed well
  • a dash of salt for cooking the potatoes
  • one generous cup of my recipe for Raw Cashew Mayonnaise to keep this recipe oil-free or use one cup of store-bought vegan mayonnaise.  I like this brand.
  • 2 1/2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 1/2 tbsp Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, or another vinegar
  • 1/4 cup of chopped green/spring onions including both the white and green parts
  • 1/4 cup of red onion, finely chopped
  • 3 tbsp of fresh tarragon leaves, finely chopped, or about 1 1/2 tbsp dried tarragon
  • 2 tbsp of fresh dill weed, finely chopped, or about 1 tbsp dried dill weed
  • 1 to 2 tsp of pink Himalayan sea salt, or another salt, to taste  - In making this full recipe I used two teaspoons.
  • a generous round of freshly ground black pepper
  • optional red onion rings and tarragon or dill sprigs for garnish


  1. First, if you have the chance, by all means, make a batch of Raw Cashew Mayonnaise.  By opting to follow my mayo recipe you are making this potato salad refined oil-free... woo-hoo! Place the mayo in the fridge as you proceed with the next steps. This mayo can also be made up to a week in advance.
  2. Once you have prepared or purchased the mayonnaise, place the whole rinsed potatoes in a pot with just enough water to cover them. Add one tablespoon of salt to the potatoes and bring them to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 25 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the potatoes. Larger potatoes may take a bit longer, and small ones will finish sooner. When the whole cooked potatoes are fork tender, carefully drain them in a colander and allow them a few minutes to cool a bit.
  3. Now, prepare the dressing as you wait for the potatoes to cook. At this point, I like to go ahead and mix the dressing to give the herbs time to marry the mayo and impart their lovely earthy flavors. This time for the flavors to meld is especially important when using dried herbs. Combine the mayonnaise, lemon juice, vinegar, one teaspoon of the pink Himalayan sea salt, and a hearty round of freshly ground black pepper, about a quarter of a teaspoon's worth or a little more.
  4. Next, add the green onions, chopped red onion, tarragon, and dill to the dressing mixture, gently stirring to distribute everything evenly.  Taste and adjust as you like while remembering this sauce will be dressing three pounds of potatoes.
  5. When the whole cooked potatoes are cool enough to handle, slice into chunky rounds that are about 1/2 inch thick. Place the sliced potatoes in a mixing bowl. If you prefer, you can quickly remove the skin from the potatoes as you slice. I rarely remove the peeling because I prefer the fiber and other nutrients it offers.  By the way, cooking the potatoes whole allows for a chunkier potato salad.  It helps avoid overcooking, which prevents mushy, shapeless, potato salad.  Isn't that clever?  I learned that trick while watching Ina Garten in her show, Barefoot Contessa.
  6. Pour the prepared dressing over the warm potatoes while they are still warm, gently stirring until the dressing is equally distributed.  Break down any overly large slices of potatoes so that you end up with bite-sized chunks.
  7. If you can wait, allow the salad to sit for at least 30 minutes for the delicious herbal flavors to develop. Serve your potato salad at room temperature with veggie burgers, carrot dogs and all of the usual picnic fare.  It also tastes terrific alongside a wrap filled with my Super Simple 1-Bowl Chickpea Salad.  Tarragon Dill Potato Salad keeps nicely in the refrigerator, covered,  for up to about a week.


  • If you prefer a saucier potato salad, merely increase the amounts of mayo, lemon juice, and vinegar accordingly. Adjust the seasoning to taste.
  • A shout out to Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) whose cooking shows never fail to share valuable insights. Her recipe for Tarragon Potato Salad was one I immediately took to because tarragon is such a pleasant herbal flavor. Her technique of cooking the potatoes whole has stuck with me through many summers.
  • The nutritional content of this recipe includes the use of store-bought vegan mayo because it is common to use store-bought mayonnaise.  If you use my homemade Raw Oil-Free Cashew Mayo, the fat and calories of your salad will be lower.
  • If you remove both the store-bought and homemade mayo from the recipe, the calorie count decreases to 102 calories per 1 cup serving with zero grams of saturated fat and zero grams of trans fat.  Now add one portion of my oil-free homemade mayo estimated at one tablespoon and a half per cup of potato salad. Raw Oil-Free Cashew Mayonnaise would add about 50 calories per serving of potato salad and less than 5 g of total fat and less than 0.8 g of saturated fat and 0 g of trans fat. Making a batch of delicious oil-free mayo to include in this recipe reduces the calories down to about 150 calories per serving and brings it in at a little less than 5 grams of total fat per serving. Now that's amazing!


% DV

Calories Per Serving: 198
  • Total Fat 9.6 g 15 %
  • Saturated Fat 0 g 0 %
  • Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
  • Sodium 403.7 mg 17 %
  • Carbohydrates 26.8 g 9 %
  • Fiber 2.6 g 10 %
  • Sugar 1.5 g ---
  • Protein 2.5 g 5 %
  • Vitamin A 2 %
  • Vitamin C 9 %
  • Iron 8 %
  • Calcium 11 %

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