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Super snackable, fuss-free Dairy-Free Feta Cheese Dip comes to you with total ease! It’s made quickly from tofu, lemon juice, a touch of maple, and herbs. There’s no cooking required, just a few minutes of stirring a quick marinade and blending that deliciousness with the tofu. This recipe uses super-firm ready to enjoy blocks of tofu, so you’ll be out of the kitchen in a flash!

And as if fast food that’s healthy, nutritious and delicious isn’t enough, this recipe takes it one step further! Every single morsel is dairy-free, just like all of the other recipes we share. Do you want to know what else? This dip is also gluten-free as is every method of food creation we share here on VEEG. And as the title of the recipe mentions, Dairy-Free Feta Cheese Dip is, of course, vegan! Oh, and it’s also oil-free. By the way, every delicious plant-based recipe we share with you is always all of these things.

Dairy-Free Feta Cheese Dip #vegan #dairyfree #oilfree #plantbased #tofu #feta #cheese #dip #spread #sauce #glutenfree #vegetarian #cleaneating #healthy #food #recipe #recipes #fall #tailgating #veganpartyfood

Tofu is Nutritious & Delicious!

As many of you are aware, Dr. Michael Greger, author of “How Not to Die,” recommends eating 1.5 cups of beans, including soy, per day. But what’s soy good about soy, aka tofu, soymilk, edamame, tempeh, anyway?

Well, to begin with, just like other beans or legumes, soybeans are high in nutrients including fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, protein, and zinc.

Soy seems to lower breast cancer risk.

And soy also reduces menopausal hot-flash symptoms.

This next one is our favorite soy attribute of all!

Eating soy has also been shown to benefit our kidneys. When we eat animal protein, including fish and other white meats, our kidneys work overtime to break it down. But in the words of Dr. G, “Eating the same amount of protein in the form of tofu doesn’t appear to place any additional strain on the kidneys.” (Woot-woot!)

We invite you to click here to watch a video with more info about what we need to each day.

Dairy-Free Feta Cheese Dip #vegan #dairyfree #oilfree #plantbased #tofu #feta #cheese #dip #spread #sauce #glutenfree #vegetarian #cleaneating #healthy #food #recipe #recipes #fall #tailgating #veganpartyfood

So, How Does Dairy-Free Feta Cheese Dip Taste?

Right out of the gate, let’s establish that this dip tastes cheesy!

And Dairy-Free Feta Cheese Dip is tangy, too.

Much like ricotta, this dip can also be mild. Depending entirely on how much vinegar and lemon juice you choose to use, make this as mild as you like. Use more of either of these than suggested to amp up the flavor in the tang department.

And finally, this dip is herbed to perfection! If you crave even more earthy flavor, add in a few more fresh herbs.

Healthier, fantastic tasting food is fascinating, and when you learn little tidbits about what you’re eating and why it’s healthier for you, it can feel empowering. For example, since we plant-eaters are often looking for a satisfying alternative to meat, isn’t it awesome to learn that tofu is a viable alternative, and a scientifically affirmed, plant-based option?

When you give this Dairy-Free Feta Cheese Dip a go, we suggest this option to turn it into a full-blown meal. Enjoy this dip with some Baked Walnut & Oat Falafel, and whip up a fresh batch of our Heart Healthy 5-Minute Oil-Free Hummus, too! And, of course, we’d love to hear how it goes when you do!

By leaving a kind word or two here on the blog or anywhere else you see our recipe come up, remember, your words encourage others to give plant-based recipes a go.

And to those who are thinking about trying a plant-based recipe for the first time, they genuinely benefit by hearing about how good plant-based food tastes!

We know this because, just like you, we were once at the very beginning of changing the way we thought about food. It’s such a pleasure to be even a small part of helping someone else find this way of thinking about food!

Happy eating!

Dairy-Free Feta Cheese Dip #vegan #dairyfree #oilfree #plantbased #tofu #feta #cheese #dip #spread #sauce #glutenfree #vegetarian #cleaneating #healthy #food #recipe #recipes #fall #tailgating #veganpartyfood

Dairy-Free Feta Cheese Dip

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    Cook Time:
  • Yield: 6 Servings

This incredibly snackable, fuss-free Vegan & Oil-Free Feta Cheese Dip is yours when you combine a little tofu, lemon juice, a touch of maple, and herbs. It’s a dip that’s loaded with plant-based protein that makes snacking a “good” thing!   And if you enjoy vegan cheese as much as we do, try making a fresh batch of our Dairy-Free Tofu Feta Cheese. You should be so lucky as to taste this dip piled high on top of a fresh and lovely dish of Cucumber, Mint & Tomato Salad.  This salad is the kind of thing you bring to the potluck, bbq, tailgate or potluck and return home with an ego full of compliments and an empty bowl!   Need a salad that eats like a meal? Greek Chickpea Pasta Salad is a perfect dish to serve as a meal in one simple bowl.   And everyone enjoys a savory bite of crispy, satisfying, and nourishing baked falafel! Our quick recipe is a real people pleaser, too, especially when you serve it with a side of our 5-Minute Hummus, some olives, and this dip!   This recipe provides roughly SIX generous, appetizer-sized portions.


  • one 14 oz super-firm block of tofu - If you only have access to a firm or extra firm variety of tofu, press out some of the liquid before using it in this recipe.
  • 1 to 2 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice 
  • about 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar - We like Bragg's organic ACV.
  • 1 tbsp of Bragg's liquid Amino's or coconut aminos or gluten-free tamari sauce - You can use soy sauce if you are not concerned with gluten.
  • 1 tbsp of dried thyme, crushed
  • 1 tbsp of dry oregano, crushed
  • 1 tsp or so of pure maple syrup or another sweetener of choice, to taste
  • 1 to 2 tbsp of fresh oregano leaves
  • about 1/2 tsp of sea salt or miso, to taste - We like to use pink Himalayan sea salt in our recipes.


  1. If you are fortunate enough to live near a Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Publix or another grocery store that offers super-firm tofu (organic and non-GMO) that doesn't require any pressing to remove extra liquid, woo-hoo for you, it's a time-saver, that's for sure!  For the rest of you, it's no biggie!  Press some of the water out of your tofu by using a tofu press or, wrapping your tofu in a clean dish towel and sitting something super substantial (heavy) on top of it for a few minutes.
  2. Once your tofu is ready to go, place all of the recipe ingredients into a food processor or blender and combine by pulsing until your dip is the consistency you prefer.  That's it!  Enjoy this no-cook bite of oil-free protein and other valuable nutrients with fresh veggies or use it to speed on and a sandwich or top a baked potato and make it a meal!


  • It could just be our imagination, but we think we've noticed that when tofu is at room temperature, the flavor of the other recipe ingredients absorbs into the tofu a little quicker. So, start this recipe out with room temperature tofu if time permits! And if not, no worry; you're still going to end up with a wonderfully tangy, creamy, oil-free, dairy-free, plant-based, vegan, feta dip!
  • Also, be sure to cube the tofu before putting it into the food processor or blender though either should break everything up on its own since tofu is soft.
  • After making the dip, keep it refrigerated until about 30 minutes before serving. Allowing it warm up just a little before serving brings out the flavors and makes the dip feel a little creamier.  


% DV

Calories Per Serving: 125
  • Total Fat 6.7 g 10 %
  • Saturated Fat 0.9 g 4 %
  • Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
  • Sodium 187.2 mg 8 %
  • Carbohydrates 4.8 g 2 %
  • Fiber 0.4 g 2 %
  • Sugar 0.8 g ---
  • Protein 12.9 g 26 %
  • Vitamin A 1%
  • Vitamin C 5 %
  • Iron 18 %
  • Calcium 7 %

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