Veeg is written and produced by a couple of us veggie-eating, people loving, life-celebrating plant-based eaters.

Nearly five years ago now, I heard a sitcom casually mention the idea of Meatless Mondays.  Feeling right about the positive environmental impact of skipping meat for one day per week soon made me want to try for more days per week to create an even more significant effect! Before I knew it, I found myself researching and creating recipes for three days of veggie based meals each week. Then I realized how fantastic I felt, physically, and bonus, I started looking better, too! What began with the baby step of avoiding animal products one day per week for environmental reasons soon made way to eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains for all meals, all week. By doing what began as our small part to better our beautiful planet, we ended up benefitting the overall health and wellness of our lovely family, too.

Recently, my son Mike and I started to think about the possibility of starting a food blog around the idea of plant-based eating. With his knowledge of design, development and blossoming interest in photography, combined with my teaching experience and burning desire to share what I’ve learned, we put together this website to help not only plant-based eaters but those who are curious about adding even just a few more plants to their diet.

We hope that these recipes will inspire you to start your plant-based journey.

Happy eating!