orange juice and wine spritzer cocktail

Wine and Orange Juice Cocktail is an easy, healthier mixed orange juice drink or skinny red wine spritzer recipe made with red wine, fresh oranges, and mineral water. This simple mixed drink comes together super quick since the ratios are easy to remember. It tastes a bit like a Sangria; only it’s way easier to make since you can skip the chopping of fruit.

Mixed drink recipes using juice and wine or spirits have always been pretty popular with the health-conscious crowd. And this wine and orange juice mixed drink recipe uses fresh fruit juice and no additional refined sweeteners such as simple syrup. 

It’s important to note that this skinny spritzer recipe begins with red wine rather than white wine or champagne. The reason we went with red wine for this health-minded drink recipe is simple: red wine is often drier. When the wine is dry, it means it’s less sweet. So, a dry red wine the perfect base for a genuinely skinny spritzer.

When your wine and orange juice cocktail recipe begins with red wine, you could argue that it’s a healthier drink. And if your cocktail recipe uses fresh squeezed fruit juice, you could say that it is a health-minded beverage. And a drink made with mineral water rather than soda water, well, that’s another healthy choice.

So yes, we’re calling this wine and orange juice cocktail a skinny spritzer that’s healthy! And once you take a look at the nutritional info below the recipe, you’ll agree!

Even if a cocktail starts with the cleanest, driest, most organic red wine, sip responsibly. Any mixed wine drink or cocktail is still alcoholic. Consume all alcohol sensibly and in moderation.

blood red oranges and regular oranges sliced to make mixed drinks
a purple red colored wine cocktail with fresh orange juice

Skinny Cocktails

Even if you aren’t counting calories, drink calories can add up fast, so drink mindfully. But do know that this skinny spritzer recipe falls well below one hundred calories, thanks to the lack of added sugar. If you’ve ever suffered headaches following a sugary cocktail or sweet white wine, skinny cocktails are worth a look.

When we set out to make this new wine and orange juice cocktail recipe, we knew we should begin with clean wine. We went with a decidedly dry, or less sweet, red wine to help us cut carbs and avoid a sugar headache. The next couple of paragraphs explain our choice of Pinot Noir for this easy red wine spritzer recipe.

easy red wine cocktail with fresh orange juice

Which Red Wine is the Healthiest?

Pinot Noir, Cabernet, or Merlot are the first choice of reds to use for this cocktail. Your favorite clean, red blend will also work well in this skinny mixed drink. Red blends are sometimes more economical—now there’s something to toast!

Pinot noir is said to be a healthy wine because it has the highest concentration of antioxidant resveratrol. 

In addition to being loaded with resveratrol, pinot noir, as mentioned earlier, has a lower sugar content. Less sugar means fewer calories.

Some Health Benefits of Resveratrol:

  • Protecting the heart and circulatory system and lowering cholesterol are two reasons to sip Pinot Noir.  
  • It’s also helpful in protecting against clots which can cause heart attacks and stroke. 
  • Resveratrol’s antioxidant properties may also help alleviate joint pain by preventing the breakdown of cartilage.
  • Studies also suggest it can lower blood sugar levels.

To learn more about red wine, heart disease, and resveratrol, we suggest this in-depth article by Mayo Clinic.

le creuset ceramic juicer surrounded by sliced oranges
red wine skinny spritzer cocktail

What’s the Name of the Cocktail with Wine and Orange Juice?

A cocktail made with equal parts of sparkling white wine or champagne and orange juice is a classic Mimosa. Mimosas always begin with sparkling wine, to which orange juice tops without stirring. The cocktail then mixes on its own. Allowing the two liquids to integrate on their own helps the drink look pretty since you avoid any messy stirring splatters on the glass.

healthy mineral water, orange juice, and red wine cocktail

Can You Mix Red Wine with Juice?

When you’re thinking of what to mix with wine to make a healthier, refreshing cocktail, we hope you find the following mixed wine drinks especially pleasing.

Though it won’t be a classic Mimosa, in the famous words of Bob, the Builder, Yes, you can—mix red wine with juice! Red wine with a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice makes a delicious drink.

Sparkling white wine mixed with juice is what you use to make a classic Mimosa. And red wine with fruit and juice is another classic mixed drink called Sangria.

Sangria is a super fruity, summery punch with red wine, brandy, and a variety of fresh fruits. There may not be a more straightforward crowd-pleasing drink than red wine, brandy, fresh chopped fruit, and a bit of sugar for sweetness. Sometimes orange juice is in Sangria for extra sweetness to layer on top of the sweetness that comes from the freshly chopped fruit.  

And although Sangria, like a Mimosa, is a delicious classic cocktail, we believe there’s always room for exploration when it comes to securing a lite and refreshing, easy-to-make cocktail. 

oranges being juiced for a skinny wine spritzer mixed drink

What is a Spritzer? What’s in a Wine Spritzer?

A spritzer is a beverage with white wine and soda water. And a wine spritzer is one of the easiest and skinniest cocktails!

A classic spritzer recipe is three parts of white wine with one part of sparkling or mineral water and a garnish of a slice of citrus fruit. You can quickly turn a classic white wine spritzer into a red wine spritzer by trading the white wine, or champagne, for red.

blood red oranges, regular oranges, sliced and ready to juice by hand

7 More Healthy Drink Recipes for You

We have seven more healthy drinks for you to try in addition to this recipe for a red wine and orange juice cocktail.

Only one of these seven additional healthy drinks contains alcohol, but all contain ingredients that may help you feel good.  Cheers to feeling your best!

skinny cocktail of red wine, mineral water, orange juice
oranges sliced in half, including a couple of blood red oranges
healthy red wine spritzer with orange juice

Did You Make Yourself a Wine and Orange Juice Cocktail?

We enjoy hearing from you when you try our plant-based and gluten-free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes. And the same is true of the drink recipes we share.

So, as always, thank you for being here and for reaching out and sharing your experiences with us!

We want to hear when you enjoy your time in the kitchen with us. And when we post about extra stuff, like what to mix with a clean red wine to keep your cocktail as healthy as possible, we still look forward to hearing your thoughts.

And on that note, if you prefer to skip the alcohol altogether, resveratrol containing or not, we respect that choice. For the most part, we’re alcohol-free too, but we like to offer mindful, healthier options for those seeking the occasional relaxing buzz. 

Happy Eating!

red blood oranges and regular oranges sliced in half
healthy orange juice and red wine spritzer

Wine and Orange Juice Cocktail | Skinny Spritzer

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    Cook Time:
  • Yield: 1 Servings

Here’s an easy-to-make, skinny red wine and orange juice spritzer created with relaxation and wellness in mind. It’s what you might call a 1 + 1 + 1 recipe—so, it’s super easy to remember the ratios! And it’s also incredibly lite and refreshing—brimming with gorgeous colors wrapped in comfy-cozy flavors while staying well below 100 calories!



  1. First, fill your serving glass with ice and add red wine, orange juice, and mineral water.
  2. Then, stir, add the optional bitters and the optional fresh orange garnish, and enjoy!


  • Orange Juice Yield:  One average orange usually provides about 2 oz of liquid which is equal to about 1/4 cup or 4 tablespoons.
  • Healthiest Wine:   A pinot noir is said to be the most nutritious—but your favorite red blend will also work nicely in this spritzer.  
  • Mineral Water:  Mineral water  is a smart way to add a bit of calcium and magnesium to mixed drinks.  If you do not have mineral water, or another fizzy water, use regular drinking water.
  • Bitters:  Drinks with a few dashes of bitters taste better.  Bitters are all about depth of flavor and in some cases, better digestion, too.  One bottle lasts a long time since you only use a few drops in each drink. These cardamom bitters have a hilarious name and they taste amazing.  


% DV

Calories Per Serving: 75
  • Total Fat 0 g 0 %
  • Saturated Fat 0 g 0 %
  • Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
  • Sodium 7.1 mg 0 %
  • Carbohydrates 7.9 g 3 %
  • Fiber 0 g 0 %
  • Sugar 5.5 g ---
  • Protein 0.5 g 1 %
  • Vitamin A 0 %
  • Vitamin C 35 %
  • Iron 0 %
  • Calcium 9 %

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